Dynamic Navigation for Precise Implant Placement


Dynamic Navigation for Precise Implant Placement


02 October 2020


Dr Amit Mohindra MSc

Course Location:

Kidlington, Oxford

Contact Name:

Dr Amit Mohindra

Contact Phone:

07341 817116


6 hours CPD

Course price:


Course aims:

See for yourself how freehand surgery with real-time computer guidance aids more accurate implant placement. Join us for an introduction to 'Dynamic navigation for dental implant treatment'. This one-day course is presented by certified Navident Master Clinical Trainer Dr Amit Mohindra.

It is particularly suitable for dentists with an interest in adopting the latest techniques in implant dentistry. The course content is designed for implantologists who want to incorporate dynamic navigation into their digital workflow.

Course content:

Participants are given an overview of the complete process, from patient diagnosis to navigated implant treatment. Delegates have the opportunity to prepare dental implant sites on models and phantom heads using conventional dynamic navigation technology and Navident 2.0 with Trace and Place. The course also includes observation of live case planning and surgery using the Navident system.