ITI Education Week Melbourne


ITI Education Week Melbourne


24 February 2020


28 February 2020


ITI International Team for Implantology

Course Location:

Melbourne Dental School and Melbourne Dental Clinic, University of Melbourne, Australia

Contact Name:

ITI Education

Contact Phone:

+41 (0)61 270 83 83

Course aims:

The five-day Melbourne ITI Education Week is aimed at dental practitioners with an interest in dental implantology and who would like to gain insights into the digital implant workflow for planning and placement of implants. The course includes lectures, case discussions, live surgical and restorative procedures as well as hands-on sessions. It is designed to provide a sound basis for the treatment of patients with implants from both restorative and surgical aspects using the digital workflow.

Course content:

Topics include:

Current trends in placement and loading Grafting in esthetic sites Using digital workflow to plan surgery and restoration Managing DICOM and STL data Digital implant planning Removable implant prosthodontics Ridge preservation Implant complications Digitial complications Interactive complication case discussion with faculty

Live procedures include:

Immediate implant placement Multiple implant placement for fixed bridge work Immediate restoration Simultaneous grafting Impression techniques and provisionalisation for single and multiple implants

Hands-on sessions include:

Data Acquisition and merging DICOM and STL files Digital implant planning Impression techniques for dental implants Provisionalisation of dental implants

Case discussions cover:

Assessment Common mistakes Tips for improving outcomes Long-term care of implants

Course Benefits:

Understand both restorative and surgical implant assessment and treatment planning Understand straightforward and advanced implant prosthodontics and surgery Be exposed to complex implant prosthetics and surgery Understand the digital implant workflow