Comprehensive bone and tissue grafting


Comprehensive bone and tissue grafting


19 September 2020


Delta Dental Academy

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Ewelina Smak

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Course aims:

Understanding bone and tissue defects to predictably chose the best grafting technique. Biomaterials and autogenous bone.

Course content:

There are many grafting techniques and materials available for the implant surgeon. It is important to understand the defect anatomy, our regenerative goals, and our skill set in order to choose which technique will be most predictable for each case. There will be a strong focus on autogenous bone grafting techniques, which is still the gold standard.

Course Benefits:

To understand how we can use autogenous bone, covering different intraoral harvest sites and techniques, as well as grafting methods. To understand that autogenous bone is still the gold standard, and how we have to manage it to minimize bone resorption, which is the biggest fear for oral surgeons. To understand when autogenous bone is not indicated, and numerous alternatives and materials available for grafting in such cases. To familiarize with soft tissue augmentation procedures, and understand when and how they have to be applied along with bone grafting.