Dental Implant Fundamentals fellowship programme


Dental Implant Fundamentals fellowship programme


12 March 2020


04 September 2020


Delta Dental Academy

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Ewelina Smak

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Course aims:

This course covers the following: Patient selection and examination, Treatment planning and gaining patient consent, Implant design and selection, Basic surgical procedures including aseptic techniques, Restorative procedures including uncovering of implant and impression taking, Lab communication, Fitting final restoration, Implant care and maintenance

Course content:

This is a comprehensive introduction to Surgical and Restorative dentistry. Each delegate is given the opportunity to place 3 implants in a patient that is provided by the course, to experience placement in Straightforward indications including single tooth and edentulous arch. The restorative module also includes treating patients and you will experience impression taking and the fitting of the implant structure.

You will have the opportunity to place at least 3 dental implants with a live patient You will have the opportunity to treat 2-3 patient cases from start to finish A Straumann representative will be available at each day of the course Exclusive access to Straumann Smart Online Education After completion of the course you will be examined at University of Genova and you will receive fellowship certificate with access to international Master's degree.

Course Benefits:

Development Outcomes: Have a good foundation knowledge of the scientific basis of implant dentistry. Be able to assess patients comprehensively with a view to providing dental implants as a treatment option. Be able to provide straightforward implant surgical treatment to patients under supervision, including all planning aspects and post-operative care (in accordance with the SAC classification). Have an appreciation on how dental implants can be used within their own practices to provide more comprehensive care to their patients and market this accordingly. Have understanding how cover screws and healing abutments play a role in implant prosthetics, Have knowledge and practical experience in implant impression taking and fitting implant retained restorations, Understand the differences and indications of screw retained vs cement retained implant restorations, Be able to fit a restored overdenture.