Advanced Composite Course with Jason Smithson


Advanced Composite Course with Jason Smithson


18 June 2020


19 June 2020


The Campbell Academy

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Tom Reason

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0115 982 3919

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Course aims:

The Campbell Academy are delighted to announce that Jason Smithson will return in 2020 for the third edition of his 2 day Hands on Advanced Composite Course.

Conventionally, discolored teeth and advanced wear cases are treated with indirect restorations: crowns and veneers. This approach is well based in the literature and over time, has proven highly successful, however, in some cases it may prove expensive in terms of overall cost, treatment times and most critically loss of tooth structure.

This Master class is designed to allow the experienced practitioner to confidently approach more challenging anterior cases with direct resin in combination with a sound understanding of functional occlusion.

Course content:

What You Will Learn:

  • A simple approach to the direct resin veneer: create masterpieces easily and predictably.
  • How to handle the peg lateral and microdont teeth
  • Functional smile design.
  • How to handle complex cases such as discolored and misaligned teeth with direct resin in conjunction with simple predictable home whitening.
  • An intuitive approach to reconstruct worn broken down teeth creating functional occlusions with direct resin. To include increasing the vertical dimension and re-establishing anterior guidance.

Course Benefits:

Key Features:

  • A course which includes real life clinical scenarios: treat three anterior teeth simultaneously on one model in real time.
  • A two-day intensive class: 75% hands-on with evidence based data
  • Comprehensive course manual and reference papers included
Learning Objectives:

  • The Resin Veneer for the discolored tooth (lateral incisor)
  • Reconstruction of the worn tooth (Central Incisor)
  • The Peg Lateral Incisor