PRF course with the inventor Dr Joseph Choukroun


PRF course with the inventor Dr Joseph Choukroun


13 March 2020


14 March 2020


Dental Iceberg

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London, Knightsbridge The Rembrandt Hotel

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13,5 hours verifiable CPD certificate

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Course aims:

The ultimate course on PRF with the inventor

If you place dental implants and want predictable results, you must learn about PRF, peri-implantitis and marginal bone loss on this extremely popular lecture&hands-on seminar.

PRF speeds up the healing process, it regenerates the soft tissue and makes bone and gums heal faster with less complications in dental surgeries. PRF is capable of generating bone, It can be used in conjunction with either a bone substitute or alone, and has the ability of the bone graft to hold together.

Application areas of PRF: Around dental implants, Guided Bone Regeneration, Sinus Grafting, Root Coverage, Intrabony & furcation defects, Peri-implant defects, Extraction Sockets.

PRF is cheap to use and is completely natural.

Course content:

Day 1

  • A-PRF, i-PRF, i-PRF(M), L-PRF, i-PRF+, Sticky Bone, new protocols
  • Hard tissue regeneration with PRF
  • Soft tissue regeneration with PRF
  • Peri-implantitis and marginal bone loss prevention and treatments
  • Biological factors for long-term success
Day 2
  • New PRF protocols
  • Phlebotomy and suture course
  • Using the blood centrifuge
  • Preparing PRF membranes and plugs
  • Preparing liquid PRF
  • Mixing PRF with GBR materials
  • Soft brushing technique

Course Benefits:

Delegates will gain an understanding in the biological benefits of smart blood concentrates and will learn the practical techniques required to use PRF in surgical and implant dentistry in their daily practice.