Advanced Implant Training for Dental Nurses


Advanced Implant Training for Dental Nurses


06 June 2020



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Gemma Thompson

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01344 752560

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Course content:

This course is designed to develop the skills of the nurse in an implant surgical setting. During the day the delegate will discover techniques to improve their role in the organisational side of treatment and the importance of their role during the overall patient journey to help reduce the stress for the dentist. The topics covered throughout the day will include a refresher session on the aseptic technique; the different implant systems and biologics materials available on the market; open and closed impression taking techniques; hands-on training using impression copings and impression materials, with correct instrumentation

Course Benefits:

Learning Outcomes

Delegates will increase their knowledge and understanding of:•

  • Implants including complex implant procedures and materials
  • The different restorative stages taking into consideration the types of materials, techniques used and organisation of the surgery
  • Flap design , suturing technique in dentistry and types of sutures
  • The importance of four-handed dentistry
  • The patient journey and the importance of nurse support
  • The organisation of appointments and charting patient treatment progress
  • What makes a nurse a comprehensive implant nurse
GDC Development Outcomes: A, B, C & D

CPD: 7 hours