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Simple Steps Dental Implant Year Course London 2017


Simple Steps Dental Implant Year Course London 2017


03 February 2017


09 December 2017


The London Implant Academy

Course Location:

The British Dental Association and The london Centre for Implant and Aesthetic Dentistry.

Contact Name:

Miss Gill Brazier

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140 hours of postgraduate CPD and Implant Dentistry Training and mentoring as required by the current GDC Implantology Policy Statement and FGDP Training Standards in Implant Dentistry 2012

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Course aims:

Our objective is to guide general practitioners with little or no experience in implant dentistry who would like to incorporate implant dentistry into their own practices safely and effectively.

As well as teaching the theory and practice of modern surgical and prosthetic implantology, it is also our aim to incorporate teaching, guidance and advice on all of the disciplines that define a successful implant practitioner. This includes diagnosis, laboratory communication, patient management, armamentarium and equipment selection, marketing, medicolegal issues and key implantology-centred practical clinical skills.

We believe it is the most hands-on implant course in the UK today with every delegate treating at least one patient of their own from start to finish and observing all the treatment stages of their colleague’s patients.

Course content:

Each course will consist of a day of lectures (Friday) at B.D.A. and a day of practicals and / or live surgery for all delegates at Dr Feran’s practice LCIAD (Saturday).

Course Benefits:

Delegates will derive maximum benefit from this course if they have at least one or two patients that may be amendable to straightforward implant treatment that they can bring for treatment during the course. When signing up, we recommend that delegates start actively looking for such patients and fully document including photographically and radiographically for presentation prior to starting.