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Maintaining and Treating Peri-implant Tissue


Maintaining and Treating Peri-implant Tissue


29 February 2020


Queensway Dental Clinic

Course Location:

Queensway Dental, Billingham

Contact Name:

Vicky Philipson

Contact Phone:



6 CPD hrs

Course aims:

The course aims to empower the dental team with the confidence and knowledge to recognise, monitor and treat peri-implant disease

Course content:

  • Identify and modify the risk factors for the health of the peri - implant tissues
  • Identify the differences in periodontal diseases and peri implant diseases
  • Diagnose peri-implant disease
  • Have a clear understanding of evidence based guidelines and protocols in treating peri-implant disease
  • Develop further understanding of referral pathways and when appropriate to refer

Course Benefits:

  • For the long term success of implant treatment, Hygienists, Dentists and Therapists need to monitor the health of tissues for complications. This course will take a step by step approach to give a thorough insight into how to manage implant patients.
  • Live surgery
  • Hands on experience of correcting probing and debridement techniques.