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DASK Sinus Lift & Osseodensification 2 Day Course


DASK Sinus Lift & Osseodensification 2 Day Course


27 June 2019


28 June 2019



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03300 585828


14 Hours Verifiable CPD

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Course aims:

The DASK course aims to increase an implant dentist’s understanding of the skills required to perform a sinus lift and to demonstrate the correct use of the DASK system. The Osseodensification course aims to increase a Dental Implant Surgeons understanding of the Densah burs for implant placement, lateral ridge expansion and sub-crestal sinus lifts.

Course content:

What does the course cover?

  • Basic anatomy
  • Use of the DASK system
  • Augmentation materials
  • Complications and contraindications
  • Practical on a deer head
  • History and science of the Densifying burs
  • Complications using the Densifying burs and how to overcome them
  • Practical workshop on bone specimen showing Osseodensification
  • Versah maxilla models used to demonstrate how Densah burs can be used for a sub-crestal sinus lift
Includes free DASK Kit, free Versah Densah Bur Kit and demonstration.

Course Benefits:

At the end of this course, we would expect an experienced implant dentist to be able to safely undertake a sinus lift procedure using the DASK kit. To understand how to manipulate the bone using the Densifying burs and be able to safely apply this in practice.