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Full Arch Implant Live Skills Course


Full Arch Implant Live Skills Course


09 May 2019


11 May 2019


The Campbell Academy

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Tom Reason

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0115 982 3919

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Immediate Full Arch Loading is one of the most sought-after treatments in the UK. Unfortunately, some companies and clinics have used this treatment as a one-size-fits-all straightforward treatment. This has led to problems and complications.

Make no mistake, full arch implant reconstruction is difficult but if carefully executed can be extremely rewarding.

Running in the same style as our other live skills courses, the Full Arch Implant Live Skills course will give experienced implant surgeons training in all aspects of immediate full arch loading.

From planning to surgery, the provisional restoration and through to the final reconstruction, we will look at how this treatment can be carried out carefully and predictably on the RIGHT patients.