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Full Arch Immediate Load


Full Arch Immediate Load


11 May 2019


Pynadath George and BioHorizons

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Gemma Thompson

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01344 752560

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Course aims:

This one day course is intended to guide and consolidate the theory, concept and management of full arch immediate loading as a treatment option for the terminal dentition.

Course content:

Teaching methods will include interactive seminars, lectures and “hands on” training via the use of plastic jaws. The aim of the course is for each delegate to produce an upper or lower immediate full arch bridge on a specially designed model. Each delegate will be expected to extract teeth and convert a denture into a fixed acrylic bridge on a specially designed plastic jaw. Delegates will learn the technique intimately and will gain experience working with a Dental Technician to form the acrylic denture on the day.

Please note that this course is aimed at experienced surgeons who are already involved with dental/ oral implants and are interested in learning how to perform full arch immediately loaded cases.

Ideally you should be placing at least 50-100 implants a year.

Course Benefits:

Delegates will be taught the theoretical of the immediate load technique and will be expected to perform the following:

  • Produce a treatment plan
  • Extract teeth
  • Raise flaps
  • Alveoplasty
  • Place angled implants around the sinuses
  • Select the correct multi-unit abutments
  • Suture the flap
  • Produce verification jigs
  • Convert a removable denture into a full arch bridge with help from our approved Dental Technicians.