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Implant Dentistry for the Maxillofacial and Dental Core Trainee


Implant Dentistry for the Maxillofacial and Dental Core Trainee


23 June 2018


10 November 2018



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Alan Goldie

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07801 583539

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Course aims:

This course is directed at Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons/trainees who wish to have specifc training in Implant Dentistry. It will cover the necessary knowledge and skills required for appropriate case selection, treatment planning and safe, predictable implant treatment delivery.

Course Features:

This training programme ensures an evidence-based approach to Implant Dentistry with a sound foundation in basic sciences and surgical anatomy with emphasis on prevention and management of surgical restorative and biological complications.

This course runs over 6 months with 42 contact hours and a final assessment in the form of an OSCE and 3 case presentations.

Course content:

Module 1: 23rd June 2018.

Treatment planning and Aesthetic consideration.

Practical workshop: Treatment planning, in vitro implant placement and case discussions.

Module 2: 14th July 2018.

Bone defects and their management. Implant and stent design.

Practical workshop: Use of bone substitute and membranes.

Module 3: 15th September 2018.

Restoring Implants.

Practical workshop: Impression techniques and use of restorative components.

Module 4: 13th October 2018


Practical workshop: Correct use of articulators, centric relation, occlusal prescription.

Module 5: 9th November 2018

Posterior Maxilla, grafting procedures.

Practical workshop: Sinus lift technique - lateral and crestal approaches, bone and soft tissue grafting techniques.

Module 6: 10th November 2018

Complications: surgical, prosthetic and biological.

Practical workshop: Communication skills, marketing, presentations and exam preparation. OSCE.

Course Benefits:

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