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CBCT Interpretation - Artefacts on Dental CBCT Images


CBCT Interpretation - Artefacts on Dental CBCT Images


02 July 2018


Dr Veronique Sauret-Jackson

Course Location:

Cavendish Imaging - Harley Street and via live web-link

Contact Name:

Chloe Barrett

Contact Phone:

0121 456 0893


1 hour verifiable CPD

Course aims:

-Understand the concept of the imaging chain from initiating the X-ray exposure to display of the image

-Explain how X-rays interact with matter

-Understand the principles of image detectors and their influence on image quality

-List factors controlling X-ray quantity, quality and geometry and its influence on image quality

-Describe construction and function of CBCT equipment

-Understand the principles of CBCT radiographical techniques

-Recognise malfunctioning of CBCT devices

-Strive for a minimised radiation dosage to patients

Course Benefits:

This session will cover the physics of CBCT so you can then gain an understanding of why artefacts occur. It will also include practical tricks to avoid artefacts or to work with them.