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Implant Maintenance Workshop for GDP's & Dental Hygiene Therapists


Implant Maintenance Workshop for GDP's & Dental Hygiene Therapists


11 November 2017


Claire McCarthy

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London Bridge

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Claire McCarthy

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Course aims:

This 1 day hands-on course is intended to bring the Dentist and the Dental Hygienist together in an educational environment and encourage working in harmony to protect the patient from peri-implant complications and possible implant failure. It is important to assess and maintain dental implants even more meticulously than natural teeth. Using better instrument designs and newer non-invasive technology we can debride the implant surface with confidence and sleep sound in the knowledge that we are monitoring and maintaining our patients implants to prolong their health, stability and longevity.

Course content:

Course Content: 1. Interactive session on the risk factors of peri-implant diseases 2. Scope of practice / referral protocol/ responsibilities / litigation / indemnity 3. Implant assessment and monitoring. non-invasive, invasive, clinical and radiographic examination 4. Evaluation of patient self-care 5. Implant surface decontamination: Hand & Powered. 6. Implant placement practical activity 7. Patient adherence to maintenance, recalls, homecare.

Course Benefits:

Benefits: 7 hours of verifiable CPD. Small group, interactive practical exercises. Evaluate and implement the evidence based literature. Learning outcomes: 1. Know and recognise the difference between peri-implantitis and peri-mucocitis 2. Confidently access, probe, yes probe! and monitor the peri-implant tissues for signs of disease. 3.know how critical it is to enroll the patient in a regular recare programme & maintain adherence 4. have expertise in the most effective oral hygiene systems for implant home care 5. be familiar with the instruments that are safe to debride a dental implant abutment & prosthesis *be competent to provide effective and safe biofilm and calculus removal around implant structures 6. confidence to interpret radiographs of dental implants