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Diploma in Implant Dentistry


Diploma in Implant Dentistry


30 January 2018


31 December 2019



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Louise Millar

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DipImpDent RCS (Eng)

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Course aims:

The Diploma in Implant Dentistry, run by the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK), teaches implant primary dental care to general dental practitioners. On this 2 year, part-time, postgraduate course you will learn from experts in the field. The course will significantly expand your armamentarium through both practical and theoretical teaching. At each contact Unit you will embark upon a "hands-on" session whilst also learning the theory behind the medicine, allowing you to justify treatments to patients. The Units are taught within top of the range facilities at multiple venues, including The Royal College of Surgeons of England. There are Units held in Tübingen (Germany) and Como (Italy), allowing you to appreciate continental methodologies and learn alternative techniques first-hand. The qualification is awarded by the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons of England. An FGDP(UK) Diploma in Implant Dentistry publicly demonstrates your commitment to your patients and to your career. The additional skills you will develop throughout this highly regarded postgraduate dentistry course will allow you to increase the breadth and quality of the services you offer in your community. Previous FGDP(UK) students have been able to offer a range of additional patient services post course, including: Block bone grafts Sinus lifts Autogenous bone grafting Same day full arch restorations Nerve repositioning This is by no means an exhaustive list. The Diploma in Implant Dentistry will give you an opportunity to broaden your services in a way to suit you, your team and your practice.

Course content:

Contact learning (30 credits)

11 units and a Case Presentation Day spread over the two years Each unit consists of interactive seminars and practical sessions 3 units take place in Europe

Clinical component (45 credits) Observation of clinical procedures being carried out at accredited training practices Eight to ten clinical case reports under the peer support system, carried out under the guidance of local course tutors

Self-directed distance learning (45 credits)

Critical reading and completion of 13 assignment topics Critical review of reading lists

Course Benefits:

Completing the course will give you the equivalent of 120 postgraduate credits.

The syllabus is a modern approach to all of the relevant subjects including;

Scientific and didactic content:

Physiology Bio-materials Medical evaluation (including bio-chemical analysis, microbial analysis, blood analysis, urine analysis, anti-microbial prescription and pharmacology)

Documentation and record keeping:

Medico-legal aspects Informed consent Treatment plans Clinical records Communication with other specialists

Patient assessment and treatment planning:

Conventional radiographic imaging Interactive CT scans MRI scans Bone densitometry


Soft tissue management Hard tissue management Bone expansion Ridge expansion

Asepsis theory and practice:

Training of surgical assistants and dental care professionals Timescales: Delayed placement, hard tissue management Soft tissue management Immediate placement, delayed loading Immediate loading


Guided bone regeneration, Autogeneous bone grafts, sinus augmentation and use of bone substitutes Interdisciplinary treatment: Interfacing with ENT surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, periodontics, anaesthesia, and other disciplines

Restorative phases:

Provisional restorations Transitional restorations Definitive restoration

Impression techniques:

Open tray Closed tray Conventional Impressions at first stage surgery

Fixed restorations:

Single teeth Short span bridges Full arch restorations Cement retained Screw retained Lateral fixation screw retained

Removable prosthesis:

Ball attachments Balls and clips Precision attachments Telescopic crowns (konus)