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Socket Preservation in Dental Implantology


Socket Preservation in Dental Implantology


23 September 2017


Dr Kashif Hafeez

Course Location:

Easton Dental Practice, Bristol, BS5 0PG

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Miss Magdalena Organiszczak

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Course aims:

The aim of this course is to showcase to delegates the techniques for socket preservation.

Course content:

This study day will have an interactive session in the morning and will provide a hands on opportunity in the afternoon to practice socket preservation on sheep heads. This day is designed for budding Implantologists who want to learn this technique and for experienced clinicians to master this technique.

Learning Outcomes

Dentists will be able to incorporate this elementary & effective method to preserve alveolar bone in their daily practices. Considered as the first step on the ladder for dental implants, GDPs can perform it with ease after extractions. Referring GDPs can be a practical part of the implants management team. Experienced Implantologists can benefit from this technique and can deliver predictable results as demonstrated and explained by the tutor.