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Orthodontic Techniques and clinical skills with Clear aligners


Orthodontic Techniques and clinical skills with Clear aligners


14 October 2017


BPP University Dental Institute and Geo Orthadontic

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BPP University, 137 Stamford Street, London, SE1 9NN

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Matt Green

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5 Verifiable Hours

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Course aims:

Educational aims and objectives The attendee will learn the characteristics of adult malocclusions, the right indications for orthodontics, the right diagnosis and the appliances available on the market.

Clear expected outcomes The reader will have learned the Nuvola system and its use and characteristics and have learned the indications for clear aligners through advanced concepts and case studies.

Course content:

Adult orthodontics: why, when, how The characteristics of adult malocclusions The indications for orthodontics The right diagnosis The appliances available on the market The objectives of a modern orthodontics in the adult patient The components of smile estehtics From funtional to estehtic goals From comprehensive to segmental treatments The Nuvola System and its use and characteristics Step-by-step use of clear aligners The in-office protocol Limit and advantages of clear aligners The lab support The indications for clear aligners Ideal treatments Compromise treatments Relapse and re-treatments Advanced concepts and case shows

Course Benefits:

Progress and develop your orthodontic techniques and skills and treat more patients with Nuvola Clear Aligners. The Nuvola Advanced Course will further develop and refine your diagnostic skills and give valuable insights as to how to apply best practice to a greater variety of cases when using Nuvola Clear Aligners.

From the right diagnosis comes the best asthetic results!