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Surgical Treatment of Periodontal Diseases: Critical Approach Rationale for the GDP


Surgical Treatment of Periodontal Diseases: Critical Approach Rationale for the GDP


17 November 2017


18 November 2017


BPP University Dental Institute

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BPP University Dental Institute, BPP Birmingham 32-34 Colmore Circus, Queensway, Birmingham B4 6BN

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Matt Green

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12 Verifiable Hours

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Course aims:

Learning Outcomes

Delegates attending this Master Class through a blend of theory, case scenarios, group work and discussion and hands on training using simulators will: •Understand the biological, anatomical and clinical basis of Periodontal Tissues in Health and Disease •Understand the biological, anatomical and clinical basis of Surgical Wound Healing •Learn how to use the ‘Decision Making Flow Chart’ to select the most appropriate Surgical Approach •Learn the relevant procedures in a simple and reproducible way using Case Simulation Techniques •Practice and improve manual skills on Animal Simulators (pig’s head)

Course content:

Schedule: Day 1

9.00am REGISTRATION, TEA & COFFEE. 09.30am Introductions, Aims and Learning Objectives 09.45am The Periodontal Tissues: From Anatomy to Pathology 11.00am COFFEE BREAK. 11.15am The Periodontal Review: Patient based Surgical Planning 12.15pm Evidence Based Surgical Treatment: aims and limitations 1.00pm LUNCH 1.45pm Periodontal Surgery: Wound Healing and Clinical Outcomes 3.15pm TEA BREAK 3.30pm Periodontal Surgery: Basic to Advanced Techniques. 4.30pm CLOSE.

Schedule: Day 2

9.00am REGISTRATION, TEA & COFFEE. 09.30am Case Simulation 1: Group Based Work 09.45am Case Simulation 2: Group Based Work 11.00am COFFEE BREAK. 11.15am Hands on Training: Conservative Surgery 12.15pm Hands on Training: Osseous Resective Surgery/FiberORS 1.00pm LUNCH 1.45pm Hands on Training: Crown Lengthening 3.15pm TEA BREAK 3.30pm Hands on Training: Regenerative Surgery 4.30pm CLOSE.

Course Benefits:

Periodontal Surgical Management skills are skills that every GDP must possess to practice effectively in modern dentistry.

The importance of Periodontal Tissue optimisation before any restorative procedure is the key to successful disease control and for improving long term prognosis of the whole dentition and it is not a specific and exclusive skill of the Perio Specialist anymore.

This CPD course aims to provide all the supporting knowledge, an evidence based best practice ‘Decision Making Flow Chart’ and manual skills in Periodontal Flaps.