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All Things Perio & Crown Lengthening with Dr. Ian Dunn


All Things Perio & Crown Lengthening with Dr. Ian Dunn


03 November 2017


Dr. Ian Dunn with Quintess Denta

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Radison Blu, St. Helens, Dublin

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Enda Hearte

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07769353748 or 02868628966

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Course aims:

1. To understand the principal aetiological and risk factors involved in the development of periodontal diseases. 2. To understand the importance of screening and assessment for periodontal in general dental practice. 3. To appreciate the range of treatment options available for periodontal disease. To appreciate the range of periodontal treatment options available and indications for each. 5. To understand the objectives of non-surgical therapy and how this relates to current practice. 6. To understand the indications for, and limitations of, antimicrobial therapy.

Course content:

Afternoon Session - Crown Lengthening Aim: To appreciate the indications and contraindications for surgical crown lengthening and other pre-restorative techniques. Objectives: At the end of the course participants will be able to carry out simple crown lengthening procedures. In the afternoon we will look at the theory behind crown lengthening and explore the types of cases that would benefit from crown lengthening. We will then have a demonstration of crown lengthening on pigs heads and delegates will then get the chance to practice techniques on their own pigs jaws.

Course Benefits:

Diagnose periodontal diseases accurately and effectively. Use BPE as a fast and effective screening tool. Use periodontal probing more effectively. Assess patients' level of risk for periodontitis effectively. To be able to deliver oral hygiene effectively. Choose an appropriate treatment approach for individual patients. Use antimicrobials in a rational and evidence-based way.