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Implant Certificate Course


Implant Certificate Course


15 September 2017


27 January 2018


Dr Eddie Scher

Course Location:

The Walpole Street Practice

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020 7584 9833


Acceptance to ICOI fellowship without further examination

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Course aims:

Objectives of the course: To be captain of the Interdisciplinary team and to be able to know when to refer for example a sinus graft or a complex case, to be individually mentored for a single tooth implant and to comply with recent GDC guidelines.

The aim of the course is to follow two patients from their examination, treatment planning, operation (in our practice operating theatre), through to the provisional restoration. Every aspect of the patients treatment will be covered including their management within the practice environment.

Course content:

Delegates will be given tasks to perform each month. These will include a literature review and designing a treatment plan to include writing a treatment planning letter for the study case.

Topics covered during the programme include, Anatomy, Physiology, Biomaterials and Sterility. Surgical Techniques including Bone Augmentation and Advanced surgical techniques, Implant Impression Techniques, Jaw registration, Articulation, Periodontal considerations (including Guided Tissue Regeneration) connecting teeth to implants, Medico legal aspects and Radiography with Cavendish Imaging. We also cover medical emergencies and Perio-implant problems.

Course Benefits:

Each delegate will have the oppportunity to work mentored on a single tooth implant case on a 1:1 basis (with their nurse present) and an extra fee would be charged for this. The mentoring is performed separate from the main course. If carried out externally nearer to home then the mentorong fee will not be charged.