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Nik Dental Implant Intensive Course


Nik Dental Implant Intensive Course


31 May 2017


31 May 2018


Dr S Nik

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At your clinic

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Mark Pool

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Course aims:

Aim: learning the fundamentals of the basic science related to dental implant treatment and to establish clinical comfort with placement of dental implants.

Course content:

Part I : One day intensive course: (9:00 AM- 5:00 PM) 1. Lecture (4 hours) 2. Hands on training of incisions, flaps and suturing (in the model) (1 hour) 3. Implant placement in the model (one Screw and one Cylinder Implant) (1 hour) 4. Dental implant impression in the model (1/2 hour) Upon completion of the part I, a Certificate of Basic dental implant course is awarded

Part II ; Enjoy Nik Dental Implant One Year Online Course ** in order to have access to the course additional 500 pounds should be purchased.

Part III ; Under supervision place 10 dental implants under supervision adutment preparation of one patient. **This part is included in the course. Only the travelling cost of the expert should be transferred.

Part IV : Join our discussion group and discuss your cases with your colleagues and our experts.

Course Benefits:

Upon completion of the program and passing a final exam and treating at least 10 patient, a certificate of professional achievement in dental implantology is awarded by S&S Biomat.

You can also just sign up for our one day course and receive the following for one surgery:

  • One Free implant (the size can be varied and dependent on your case)
  • All single use instruments free of charge (Gown, Blade, etc.)
  • All necessary equipment's RENT FREE (Hand piece, Dental Implant Motor)