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CBCT Essentials Master Class


CBCT Essentials Master Class


24 May 2017


13 October 2017


The Campbell Academy

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Tom Reason

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0115 9823 919


Verifiable CPD

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Course aims:

To provide an extensive, high quality, competency based course on CBCT principles and reporting for dental surgeons.

Course content:

The course is a two part course taking place across 3 days with the first two days in May and the final day in October. The course has been designed in this way so we can provide all delegates with 20 scans to go away and report on over the summer break. We then mark these on your return and provide you with verifiable CPD for this.

The learning outcomes include:

  • The nature of CBCT. How CBCT images are obtained, the various units available and the physics surrounding the production of CBCT.
  • Radiation protection including dose, ALARA, quality of image produced and best use of technology for patient benefit.
  • Applications for CBCT and use both in dental practice and in dental medicine.
  • Normal anatomy identified on CBCT scans and how to report this.
  • The basis of CBCT reporting including which information to include, which information not to include and reporting in different formats including multiplaner radiography, oblique and curved.
  • The philosophy of CBCT and dose reduction and the benefits of CBCT to patients.
  • Practical training in the reporting of CBCT and a competency based programme of 20 cases to be reported and marked to demonstrate competency of CBCT reporting being obtained.

Course Benefits:

  • A course faculty that includes Michael Bornstein (University of Hong kong), who is one of the worlds’ leading experts on CBCT
  • A course that covers all necessary aspects of CBCT training, execution and reporting as well as discussing the different machines available on the market today.
  • A course that provides 20 CBCT scans for delegates to report on allowing us to sign you off as competent in CBCT reporting on that basis.
  • A small group of delegates to ensure an exceptional discussion forum is provided and that individual requirements are met.