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Sinus Grafting Live Skills Course


Sinus Grafting Live Skills Course


12 April 2018


14 April 2018


The Campbell Academy

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Tom Reason

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0115 9823 919


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Course aims:

The aim of The Campbell Academy Sinus Grafting Live Skills course is to give all delegates the greatest exposure to sinus grafting procedures possible in a course environment. Using a combination of model surgery, cadaver surgery (with the latest cadaver technology) and live surgical sessions, delegates will be exposed to the maximum amount of sinus grafting procedures to give them the best possible grounding to provide this procedure for their own patients.

Course content:

Comprising of two days in Nottingham, including didactic teaching and observation of live surgery at The Campbell Clinic, and a day of cadaver surgery at The West Midlands Surgical Training Centre, this promises to be the best possible introduction for clinicians to provide sinus grafts on their own patients. The sinus graft procedure will expand individual delegates’ practices enormously, allowing them to place and restore implants in sites which would otherwise be inaccessible. The course is designed to be weighted towards hands-on procedures with short theoretical lectures and demonstrations to give the maximum amount of academic input but without compromising surgical procedure experience.

Course Benefits:

  • A course that has been designed to give delegates the greatest exposure to sinus grafting procedures possible in a course environment.
  • A hands-on course heaped full of practicals including a day of cadaver anatomy and surgery and at least two surgery demonstrations which you will watch live at The Campbell Clinic.
  • A fantastic course faculty including Academy Directors Colin Campbell, Andrew Legg in addition to two invited maxillofacial surgeons, Craig Wales and Colin MacIver from South Glasgow Hospital who provide exceptional teaching in head and neck anatomy, sinus grafting techniques and endoscopic techniques to show how sinus grafts are actually carried out.
  • A small group of delegates to ensure an exceptional discussion forum is provided and that individual requirements are met.
  • State-of-the-art training facilities.
  • A course which is linked into a programme of more advanced courses afterwards, a mentoring scheme and contact with a group of people who want you to be better at implant dentistry and want you to provide ethical, honest, high quality implant dentistry for their patients.