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Introduction to Guided Implant Surgery


Introduction to Guided Implant Surgery


13 June 2017


The Campbell Academy

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Tom Reason

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Course aims:

To provide an introduction of guided surgery to implant dentists working within the field today.

Course content:

In this exciting and innovative Master Class, Taimoor Kamran and Colin Campbell will take you through the most current concepts in guided implant surgery.

Guided surgery is not a new concept but has been found to be unreliable in the past. The speakers will present a brief review of the history of guided surgery and how it evolved. They will also review the evidence available in literature as well as the various advantages for using this treatment option.

The participants will get a comprehensive overview of the most up-to-date work ow involved in guided surgery and how they can incorporate this modern treatment modality to enhance their clinical practice.

In the afternoon, delegates will have the chance to plan their cases using the latest software.

Course Benefits:

This course will explain a short history of guided surgery and a summary of where guided surgery techniques exist at the present time. It will be presented by two experienced implant surgeons with different perspectives in implant guided surgery including in house guide milling and third party milling.

Delegates will emerge from this course with a much deeper understanding of the benefits of guided surgery and the systems available to provide it within their own practicing sphere.