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Paulo Malo DDS PhD

Paulo Malo DDS PhD

Professor Paulo Malo received his dental degree from the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the University of Lisbon in 1989. He founded the MALO CLINIC in 1995 where he developed the MALO CLINIC Protocol (surgical techniques and innovative products such as the All-on-4® treatment concept, a new Zygoma implant and protocol, the NobelSpeedy implant and the advanced technical solution MALO CLINIC Bridge), recognized worldwide by the dental and medical community as setting a new standard in Fixed Oral Rehabilitation.

Professor Malo is a visiting professor at several universities, has published numerous scientific journal articles and is co-author of several textbooks. He lectures regularly at international conferences and has also received several distinctions and awards for his medical/dental breakthroughs and his management, leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Morning lecture: The MALO CLINIC Protocol - A Retrospective View of the Last 25 Years

The loss of teeth is an early sign of aging, with an undeniable impact on the global population daily life and social interaction.

Through innovation, along with continuous clinical and scientific research, it has become possible to treat virtually every edentulous case with a highly functional and aesthetic fixed solution, increasing the quality of life for these patients. The MALO CLINIC protocol for totally edentulous rehabilitation has allowed thousands of clinicians around the world to achieve this essential goal for their patients.

The oral rehabilitation of these patients has two components: surgical and prosthetic. The surgical stage follows the All-on-4® surgical protocol - an innovative technique developed in the early 90’s at MALO CLINIC that allows for immediate function, full-arch, implant supported prosthetics. This widely applicable surgical protocol allows for a simple and immediate rehabilitation with a provisional bridge fixed on 4 implants, with minimum cantilevers, 3-4 hours after the surgery.

The final prosthodontic work is also of extreme importance. The MALO CLINIC Bridge (MALO CLINIC Protocol prosthetic stage) was developed to give a high aesthetic, precise and consistent result, following a simple clinical and technical procedure.

The MALO CLINIC Protocol for the totally edentulous has proven to be highly successful, with 98% success rate for the All-on-4® surgical protocol in the mandible (up to 10 years follow-up) and a 98% success rate for the All-on-4® surgical protocol maxillary techniques (up to 5 years follow-up).

Learning objectives:

  • To understand the current treatment options for patients with failed dentition
  • To understand different surgical and rehabilitation protocols and their outcomes when rehabilitating patients with implant supported restorations
  • To understand the principles, advantages and biomechanics of the All-on-4® concept
  • To learn the techniques of surgical implant placement, abutment connection and temporization, as well as the final prosthetic steps

Afternoon lecture: The MALO CLINIC Protocol - Current State of the Art and Future Developments

This innovative technique developed at the MALO CLINIC allows a terminal dentition or a full edentulous patient to have a fixed provisional bridge with minimum cantilevers just few hours after surgery. The implants are placed in immediate function allowing patients to recover their masticatory function on that same day with good aesthetic results.

We are, however, sometimes faced with cases that are more challenging and present a higher level of complexity requiring some variations in the standard protocol. For instance, in severely atrophic maxillae, this technique is complemented with Zygoma anchored implants when necessary.

This session will review the MALO CLINIC Protocol's principles and present the updates, its most recent technical advancements and new products to solve extremely complex cases (maxilla and mandible). In fact, continuous development of new implant and component designs aiming for an improved clinical performance also leads to the applicability of new implant lines to the MALO CLINIC protocol surgical principles, ultimately allowing for the rehabilitation of an even wider range of cases. Clinical examples will be showed to illustrate the wide evidence-based application of the technical and scientific novelties the All-on-4® surgical protocol has gone through.

Learning objectives:

  • To recognize the evolution this treatment concept has gone through and the new products developed to improve the technique and overcome extremely complex cases
  • To know the indications for the use of the modified technique using Zygoma implants
  • To evaluate the pros and cons of the Extra-maxillary technique
  • The All-on-4® evolution (NobelSpeedy, NobelParallel CC, NobelZygoma)