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Marco Degidi
Marco Degidi
Paulo Malo
Paulo Malo

ADI Masterclass : The Transition from Teeth to Implant Supported Teeth

Speakers: Marco Degidi and Paulo Malo

Saturday 10 March 2018
IET London: Savoy Place

The ADI welcomes two world-renowned Masters, both with decades of experience, to London to deliver a full day’s teaching.

Dental implants have become the obvious treatment of choice for the loss of a single tooth and many ADI Members have successfully integrated this treatment option into their practices as routine treatment in recent years. However, there may be patients, many of them smokers with aggressive periodontal breakdown and irregular attendance patterns, for whom even single dental implants are traditionally thought to be inappropriate. Many of these are the ‘missing 50%’ who are seldom seen, other than for an occasional emergency extraction. There may be concerns about their predisposition to disease, dental health maintenance capabilities and the fact that a proper patient/dentist relationship was never forged with them. But the patient does not want to live with a removable denture and continues to dread that day as each successive tooth is lost.

Our speakers have spent their whole careers addressing this issue in different ways. Paulo Malo and Marco Degidi will demonstrate how they have standardised the process of delivering implant supported bridgework quickly and efficiently without major grafting or recourse to transitional dentures. They will trace their early days researching immediate implantation and developing materials and techniques, through to the preferred protocols that they use today. They will also, most pertinently, give their opinions on where this field is heading in the next few years.

These stimulating and inspiring presentations will encourage debate and there will be ample time for this on the day. We urge you to book early, as places are limited.