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Henry Salama, D.M.D

Dr Henry Salama

Dr. Salama received his post-doctoral specialty certificates in both periodontics and periodontal-prosthesis, fixed prosthodontics from the University of Pennsylvania. He is the former director of the Implant Research Center at the University of Pennsylvania, where he continues to be a Clinical Assistant professor in the Department of Periodontics.

Dr. Salama is currently in private practice in Atlanta limited to advanced restorative and implant therapy. His clinical research activities focus on long-term stability of aesthetic soft tissue enhancement techniques, as well as immediate and early loading of root form implants.

Dr. Salama is a partner in the Atlanta Esthetic Dental Practice known as “Team Atlanta”. His partners include Dr. David Garber, Dr. Ronald Goldstein and his brother, Dr. Maurice Salama. This group has an international reputation for interdisciplinary care, dental education and have published hundreds of articles and several text books.

Masterclass Content

Clinicians today have access to an astounding array of new technology, tools and materials to utilize in their increasingly aesthetically oriented practices. However, none of them can ensure success if the treatment design is inadequate. This presentation puts an emphasis on recognizing obstacles to successful aesthetic outcomes as well as on identifying and developing appropriate solutions to overcoming them. A clear blueprint to designing beautiful smiles will be outlined which will incorporate new surgical, restorative and orthodontic aesthetic techniques aimed at overcoming aesthetic challenges and predictably achieving successful results in any environment.

If implant therapy is to be incorporated in an anterior aesthetic treatment plan, the proposed implant supported restoration must cosmetically equal or surpass that of conventional restorative dentistry. In single tooth replacement, aesthetics in its fullest sense can be especially challenging, as the need to match adjacent teeth and their surrounding soft tissue is paramount. This presentation integrates aesthetic concepts with evidence based biological principles into treatment designs that optimize aesthetic results. In addition this presentation will also outline the biological, clinical and biomechanical factors that may allow clinicians to simplify implant protocols and, when possible, to reduce or completely eliminate the waiting period to implant loading without sacrificing predictably successful osseointegration.

Course Objectives Include:

  • Choosing the optimal treatment strategy
  • Soft tissue management in the prosthetic phase
  • Efficient ways to temporize implant restorations
  • Immediate loading: design and execution
  • Flapless implant therapy: advantages and contraindications