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Forum Delegate Terms and Conditions

    1. Introduction
  1. The ADI Members’ Forum 2019 is organised and managed by The Association of Dental Implantology Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with registration number 2260991 and registered office at Abbey House, Hickleys Court, South Street, Farnham, Surrey, England, GU9 7QQ, and a charity registered in England and Wales and having charity number 800238.
  2. References to “us” means The Association of Dental Implantology Limited and references to “we” and “our” shall be construed accordingly. References to “you” mean the person or entity completing a booking request and, where appropriate, each delegate on whose behalf the registration is being made.
  3. All applications to register for the ADI Members’ National Forum 2019 are made subject to these Terms and Conditions (which shall apply to the exclusion of any terms sought to be imposed by you).
    2. Bookings and payment
  1. Registration for the ADI Members’ National Forum 2019 is subject to you booking online and paying the booking fee, and to availability of places.
  2. Payments will be accepted by debit/credit card via World Pay.
  3. Once payment has been received, we will send an email confirmation.
  4. Only individuals who are ADI members at the time of booking are eligible to attend the ADI Members’ National Forum 2019. For further information on ADI membership please visit the ADI website.
  5. A unique email address must be provided for each delegate at the point of registration.
    3. Access requirements
  1. You should advise of any special access requirements at the time of registration.
    4. Changes and cancellation
  1. Please email us at if you have booked to attend the ADI Members’ National Forum 2019 but can no longer do so. It will not be possible to refund your £5 booking fee.
  2. It may be necessary for reasons beyond our reasonable control to alter the advertised timing and/or location of the ADI Members’ National Forum 2019. We reserve the right to make these changes at any time and we will notify you of such changes in advance.
  3. In the event of postponement or cancellation of the ADI Members’ National Forum 2019, we shall not be liable to the delegate or you for travel, accommodation and other costs and expenses or losses incurred by the delegate or you (including wasted costs and expenses).
    5. Company Members
  1. Company members can attend the ADI Members’ National Forum 2019 as delegates for educational purposes only.
  2. Sales activities are limited to stands in the exhibition, and company delegates should not promote their company or its products to delegates at the event.
    6. Speakers
  1. Views expressed by speakers are their own. We cannot accept liability for advice given or views expressed by any speaker at the ADI Members’ National Forum 2019 or materials provided by any speaker or other party to delegates.
  2. Each presentation is owned by each speaker, and we will not be in a position to provide delegates with a copy of a speaker’s presentation.
    7. Data Protection
  1. If you are submitting registration details for any delegate other than yourself, you will ensure that, and you warrant to us that, you are authorised to do so and that you have any appropriate consents in place to enable you to transfer personal data about any such delegate to us so that we may use it for the purposes for which you provide it to us. You warrant also that you are authorised to respond to each opt-in/opt-out question on behalf of each such delegate.
  2. There will be exhibitors at the event whom we have selected because we consider their goods or services may be of interest and benefit to delegates. Please indicate whether or not each delegate is content to receive further information from such exhibitors in the post by ticking the appropriate box in the registration form.
  3. By completing the registration form, you confirm that we may send information to each delegate in respect of the event for which the registration is being made.
  4. We will only use the information you provide for the purposes to which you have consented and related purposes including:
      • Updating and enhancing our records;
      • Analysis to help us manage our business;
      • Legal and regulatory compliance.
    Our business may be audited or checked by our accountants or the Charity Commission or other regulatory organisations. All such third parties are required to maintain confidentiality in relation to your personal data.
  5. You have a right of access under Data Protection laws to the personal data we hold about you. We seek to keep that personal data correct and up to date and for no longer than reasonably necessary. You should let us know if you believe the information we hold about you needs to corrected or updated.