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Steven Campbell
Digital dentistry - what are we missing?

We now have many more restorative options than have previously been available, but many surgeons and technicians are still not aware of how readily available or accessible this technology is.

We will look at the clinical benefits of moving over to digital workflows and CAD/CAM restorations, highlighting the many systems/techniques, which can be adopted immediately with no financial commitment and minimal disruption to our daily practice. We will also look at some basic errors that can lead to CAD/CAM failures.

Educational aims: to understand the benefits and potential pitfalls of using digital workflows and CAD/CAM systems.

Educational objectives: to understand how we can safely use these systems today to improve the quality of the restorations we deliver to our patients.

Steven Campbell
Steven Campbell is the manager and senior implant technician at the experienced dental laboratory: Ambridge Ceramics Ltd. Ambridge Ceramics Ltd works with some of the most highly regarded implant and cosmetic surgeons in the UK. Steven works with a skilled team providing solutions for all aspects of implant dentistry, including CAD/CAM abutments, milled bars and planning for complex combination cases. Passionate about dental technology and its possibilities, Steven provides information and backup to anyone interested in utilizing CAD/CAM solutions to provide better restorations for their patients.

Qualifications: RDT