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Peter Saunders
Prosthetic design for the full arch fixed implant restoration

The development of osseointegrated dental implants has enabled patients who lose their teeth to have them replaced with a fixed restoration. This has tremendous benefits and attractions. The number of implants supporting a restoration can range from four to ten or more and a multitude of systems and designs are available. Our objective is to produce a restoration that is functionally and aesthetically satisfactory and can be maintained for long-term use. The purpose of this presentation is to explore the designs and literature available, to consider if certain design features have significant benefits.

Peter Saunders
Peter Saunders qualified from The Royal London Hospital in 1978 and gained a MSc. in conservative dentistry from Guy's in 1986. He is a general practitioner who enjoys treating patients and solving their problems. During his time in practice he has developed a specialty in prosthodontis and has had spells teaching part-time at Guy's and running the Kingston Vocational Training Scheme.

The introduction of dental implants into his practice in 1997 was a natural restorative progression, opening up a new range of treatment options as well as providing a stimulating development to his career. He has limited his implant treatment to the prosthodontics working closely with surgeons to place the implants. Starting with simple single implant restoration, progressing to multiple implant restoration he has progressed to full arch reconstruction. Cases requiring bone-grafting procedures are now commonplace. It has been an exciting journey with lots to look forward to.

Qualifications: BDS MSc Specialist in Prosthodontics