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Nigel Jones
Ridge-splitting - a practical guide

Where there is inadequate width for implant placement the clinician is faced with the choice of augmentation or grafting prior to implant placement, or ridge-splitting with simultaneous implant placement. Ridge-splitting reduces the number of surgical interventions, but does pose surgical challenges.

Failure is expensive in terms of finance and reputation.

This presentation, illustrated by clinical slides and animations, and reviewing current literature, will be a practical guide to ridge-splitting with simultaneous implant placement. It aims to provide colleagues with a successful protocol for this procedure.

Nigel Jones
Nigel Jones qualified from the London Hospital in 1980. He first became interested in dental implants in 1991, but did not start placing them until he attended a year course with Cemal Ucer in 2002. He subsequently attained the FGDP Implant Diploma, and has been a tutor for two of the recent cohorts. He lectures and mentors for the Ankylos and Biohorizons systems, both of which he uses in his practice in Abergavenny. Nigel also works as a local advisor for Dental Protection, and the Welsh Postgraduate Department. Most of his work is referred from colleagues in South Wales.

The South Wales constabulary takes a keen interest in his driving, but remains unimpressed by his guitar playing.

Qualifications: BDS DipImpDent RCS