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John Cuccio
Problems shared are problems halved

With the increasing demand and provision of implant treatments over the last decade, there has inevitably been a corresponding increase in complications arising from outcomes which have fallen short of the ideal. Resolving and handling these situations is made especially complicated when patients present with pre-existing implant situations for which they request a remedial clinical or aesthetic solution. It can be problematical to identify the appropriate treatment for these patients, who may have already undergone extensive treatments. Four such cases will be presented, which the newcomer to implants may find helpful in handling such problems in their own clinical practice.

John Cuccio
John Cuccio practised full time in Harley Street for 27 years between 1976 and 2003. Having placed his first implant over 35 years ago, he recognised their potential in dentistry, and increasingly incorporated their use in his restorative dental practice.

He is now Clinical Director at Lubiju Dental Implants Edinburgh.

John is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology, and he not only carries out the surgery and associated procedures, but also the restorative treatment, so that he is well placed to see all aspects of the patient’s treatment from start to finish.

He has tutored many aspiring implantologists, where his experience has benefited and helped them to launch their own careers in the field of dental implants.

He has presented modular courses on both the surgical and restorative aspects for general dental practitioners.

He is an accredited mentor for the ADI, ITI and ARK.

Qualifications: TD BDS