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Geoffrey Pullen
What's a poor boy to do?

Repairs and rescues, failure and maintenance. These are part of the world of dentistry, not just implantology. This presentation will compare cases that are working with cases that are not. Can failing implants be resurrected? Are there simple methods to maintain and stabilise existing implants? Treatment plan correctly. Build properly. Go slowly. And establish good protocols for maintenance early. How can you do this?

Geoff Pullen
Geoff Pullen has been placing and restoring dental implants for 20 years. In his capacity of clinical director of Bicon Marketing in the UK he has given live surgical demonstrations to hundreds of dentists. He has lectured on the surgical and restorative aspects of implantology in the US and the former Soviet Union. He runs his own private practice in central London and is a graduate of Kings College Hospital and the University of Southern California.

Qualifications: BDS(Lond) DDS(U Southern California)