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  Session One - Moderator: ANTHONY BENDKOWSKI
0910 Fareeda Daar, London
Management of severe peri-implantitis
0940 Peter Saunders, Middlesex
Prosthetic design for the full arch fixed implant restoration
1010 Simon Wright, Merseyside
A consensus on implant maintenance - top tips for keeping your implants tip top
1100 John Wibberley, Lancashire
All on 4 from planning to final restoration
1130 Kevin Lochhead, Scotland
Review of 20 consecutive immediately loaded maxillary full arch restorations
1200 Javed Ikram, Lancashire
Overview of medical risk factors for implantology
1230 LUNCH   Implant Logbook · Members Interactive Forum · ARK
1315 AGM
  Session Two - Moderator: PHIL FRIEL
1345 Sharad Patel, Jersey
Autogenous bone: is it still the gold standard?
1415 Steven Campbell, Yorkshire
Digital dentistry - what are we missing?
1445 Nicholas Claydon, Wales
A simplified sinus lift procedure
1530 Stephen Jones, Berkshire
Cementing implant restorations - end of the journey or the start of further problems?
1600 Nadir Khan, Essex
Bone grafting complications and how to avoid them
1630 Geoffrey Pullen, London
What's a poor boy to do?

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