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T.J. Nicolas
A passion for excellence

After a study on the behaviour of light transmission through natural teeth, conventional layering techniques in conventional crown and bridgework as well as implant work will not allow for natural aesthetics. My talk will prove this using digital photography and how modern porcelains and substructures fail us in the aesthetic zone. These limitations can be overcome to a large degree; he will highlight the way forward.

His presentation will cover how we can manage both the limitations of materials with regard to crown and bridge work and implant work cover including his experiences with eMax, Procera, Zirconia, Enamel Shells as well as Artificial Gum Work with Gradia and Porcelain. He covers how important the team approach is essential for ultimate aesthetics. Also the expectations of dentists, patients and technicians are defined to achieve these goals. He will include a guide on how you can improve the predictability of your shade taking with digital photography.

T.J. Nicolas
T.J. Nicolas is the owner of the Implant and Ceramic Centre, Miserden, Gloucestershire. Tj completed his NHD in South Africa, 1989. Following 2 years in NHS dentistry in England, he travelled and worked as a technician in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. He spent time in laboratories in America, Mexico and India, providing the greatest experience and exposure to the profession internationally. Starting his laboratory in 1997, he wanted to provide a service that some patients really needed, an opportunity to participate in every stage of their dentistry treatment to help achieve exactly what they wanted. With ultimate communication between the dentist, laboratory and patient, aesthetic excellence can become much more of a reality. Tj has launched a unique dental resource ( where dentists provide their opinions, to help answer questions put to them by dental patients. Tj believes that a questioning and informed patient is open to the best and most comprehensive treatments available. Tj is The Dental Awards Technician of the Year for 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Qualifications: NHD Natal Tec RSA