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Dr. Peter Fairbairn
Membrane free GBR a future with alloplast graft materials

The use of membranes in GBR in the repair of buccal bone defects has always been technically difficult method of stabilizing particulate graft materials and preventing soft tissue in-growth. Unfortunately these membranes also act as a barrier to the periosteal blood supply which is vital for bone regeneration.

There is now a solution, synthetic (alloplastic) graft materials that set hard and are thus are cell occlusive allowing us to dispense with the use of membranes in the repair of the bone defects. These graft materials are bacterio-static and fully resorbed by the body at 6 to 12 months , thus helping the bone to return to its previous healthy state. The graft materials characteristics are also of benefit in sinus augmentation where the lining may have been damaged.
I have used these materials for 5 years and exclusively for the last 4 in hundreds of successful cases and am grateful to be able share my knowledge of their use and show complex cases with associated recent research.

Peter Fairbairn
Peter Fairbairn graduated from the University of Witwatersrand in 1981, then spent two years in the Army where he initially developed his surgical skills, then going on to work at hospitals in Durban, South Africa. On coming to the UK, he worked in the NHS until 1987 when he moved to private practice in Kensington, London. In 1991 he did courses with Dr. Barry Edwards (with whom Peter still works today) at 61 Harley St. and started his interest in implants which he began placing that year.

His special interest in surgical dentistry has enabled him to become an international speaker on Implant and surgical treatment protocols.

He has spoken at the BACD, ADI (members), IAAFA , BIDM and ESCD annual forums as well as at many other global conferences. Having written numerous articles for peer reviewed journals, he has also written a chapter in the recently published (Quintessence) book on Aesthetic dentistry edited by Dr. Rafi Romano.

Qualifications: BDS(Rand)