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Dr. Barry Tibbott
Immediate placement, grafting & restoration with a large buccal defect in the aesthetic zone

The survival and predictability of dental implants is now assured. Traditionally, to minimize failures, a 2-stage protocol was followed to ensure successful osseointegration and soft tissue control in the aesthetic zone. Patient demands for faster treatment and the development of new implant surfaces and thread designs allowing good primary stability and a more rapid apposition of bone onto the implant surface has lead to a 1-stage approach to include immediate restoration with careful control of occlusal forces.

My presentation will be an immediate implant placement in the aesthetic zone with a large buccal defect, with immediate grafting, membrane and restoration within 24hours to maintain bone height and restore the buccal contour, utilising tacks and the sulcus former to hold the membrane in position. It is not a complicated procedure but does show the ability to obtain a highly aesthetic result with immediate placement, grafting and restoration where there is a large buccal defect.

Barry Tibbott
Barry Tibbott qualified in 1977 from the Royal Dental Hospital, London where he underwent a period of postgraduate training in oral surgery and restorative dentistry.

He has been established in Brighton for over 28 years, founding his Private Practice in Hove in 1986 and treats all aspects of implantology from single units to full arch cases involving grafts and sinus augmentation.

His experience in complex case management has been achieved through continuous study and he has completed a Masters Programme in Implantology where he gained a distinction.

He is a mentor for the Ankylos Dental Implant system and was a clinical lecturer and tutor for the MSc Implant Course at Warwick University Medical School. He is also a member of the ADI mentoring scheme.

Qualifications: BDS MSc (Imp. Dent.) LDS RCS