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Hatem Algraffee, Kent
Perimplantitis - what should we be doing?
Forum B 0940
Mark Ambridge, Yorkshire
Why use CAD/CAM technology?
Forum B 1530
Joe Bhat, Middlesex
Endo guided bone regeneration - thinking outside the box
Forum A 1630
Jason Buglass, Shropshire
The SFI bar - back to bars and overdentures?
Forum B 0910
Avik Jonathan Dandapat, Berkshire
Piezo surgery for implant surgery
Forum A 1010
Mark Diamond, Belfast
Dental implant treatment in busy referral only implant practice
Forum A 1445
Martin Docking, Cornwall
Together we work better
Forum B 1345
Peter Fairbairn, London
Membrane free GBR a future with alloplast graft materials
Forum A 0910
Helen Harrison, Cambridge
Computerised occlusal analysis
Forum B 1445
André Hattingh, Kent
Immediate implant placement in molar sockets - a dynamic new technique
Forum A 1600
Philip Hayter, Essex
Pain and anxiety control-sedation can help in implant dentistry
Forum B 1130
Guy McLellan, Buckinghamshire
Reconstruction of the severely resorbed posterior mandible; inferior alveolar nerve repositioning
Forum A 1100
Roy Morris, Worcestershire
The importance of provisionalisation in soft tissue aesthetics
Forum B 1200
T.J. Nicolas, Gloucestershire
A passion for excellence
Forum B 1100
Geoffrey Pullen, London
Wise before the event, humble after
Forum B 1600
Ashok Sethi, London
Computer guided surgery - revolutionising implant dentistry
Forum B 1010
Bill Schaeffer, Surrey
Some tips I wish I'd known from the beginning!
Forum A 1200
Jonathon Schofield, Bath
Aesthetic implants in the young patient
Forum B 1630
Paula Scull, Surrey
Bone preservation in tooth extraction
Forum A 1530
Barry Tibbott, East Sussex
Immediate placement, grafting & restoration with a large buccal defect in the aesthetic zone
Forum A 1415
Cemal Ucer, Manchester
Immediate implant placement in fresh extraction sockets
Forum A 0940
Raj Wadhwani, Cambridge
The clinical utility of lasers in implant dentistry
Forum A 1130
Simon Wright, Merseyside
Preoperative assessment of bone quality - from science to the clinic
Forum A 1345
Jonathan Ziff, Leicestershire
Achieving optimal aesthetics for the multiple implant patient
Forum B 1415