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Focus on Implant Technology: Speakers

Oliver Brix

Oliver Brix trained in dental laboratory technology from 1985-1989 after which he has worked in various dental laboratories and practices specialising in the following fields: Aesthetics and function; PFM ceramics and all-ceramics; Biomechanical design of occlusal surfaces - Electroplating - Implants. From 1990-1998 he participated in numerous advanced education programmes at home and abroad. Since 1994 he has undertaken freelance work for various dental practices that specialise in functional and aesthetic fixed dentures. From 1997 he has collaborated with Dr.H.Mayer/K.Stryczek Frankfurt/M Practice specialising in implantology, mucogingival surgery and aesthetic dentistry moving on to his own laboratory in 2002 in Wiesbaden. Since 1993 he has been a freelance instructor and lecturer for professional publications: Quintessenz Dentallabor, Zahntechnik Magazin and Teamwork Dental dialogue. He has lectured internationally and given courses on aesthetics and ceramics. He is Guest lecturer: Ivoclar Vivadent AG and Ivoclar Vivadent Germany, since 1997 has been a Member of the dental laboratory working group of Düsseldorf, since 2000 a Board member of DGÄZ (German association of aesthetic dentistry) and in March 2001 the Author of “Fundamentals of aesthetics”.

State of the Art Aesthetics - A systematic way to success
This practice-centred master lecture focuses on the fundamental elements of the aesthetics of restorations. To reach a perfect result and harmony, the knowledge of natural relations and structures is as important as the communication between dentists and technicians. This lecture will address very comprehensively the entire topics from the preparation to long-term provisionals and the way to achieve the final ceramic work. Many clinical cases from single units to full mouth reconstructions on implants will be shown, demonstrating the efforts and results of teamwork. An overview of contemporary materials, such as zirconium and techniques will also be included.

Bernhard Egger

Bernhard Egger MDT, BDT was born in 1962 in Fuessen, Germany. In 1983 he received his Certification as Dental Technician, CDT; in 1990, his Master Dental Technician, MDT: Master craftsman diploma at the Munich College for Master of Dental Technology. In 1990, he also established his dental laboratory, inter-disciplinary teamwork with restorative dentists, implantologists and orthodontists and became a Member of the Study Club ‘Kempten Circle’. In 1995 he was appointed Technical Adviser for SHOFU Dental Products in Japan. In 1999, he became a Faculty member of the Orognathic Bioesthetic International Institute (O.B.I) ‘Europe, Wuerzburg ‘Germany. In 2002 he became a Charter member of ‘dental excellence - International Laboratory Group’, in 2005, a Faculty member of Orognathic Bioesthetic International Institute (O.B.I) Salem, OR, USA and in 2007 a Faculty Member of the Orognathic Bioesthetic Institute. Since 1990 Bernhard has provided lectures, courses and publications in Europe, USA and Japan.

Status Quo of functional metal free reconstructions
During the past decade manufacturers of ceramic veneering materials have made great efforts to improve ceramic based material. But metal free restorations cover a wide spectrum of indications.

The functional and esthetical potentials of pressable ceramics, aluminum oxide- and zircon oxide-ceramics are well investigated and published; they display an essential production factor for dental-laboratories.

Advantages of these technologies and new ceramics are time wise efficiency, cost effectiveness, aesthetics and the wide range of indication compared to traditional ceramics.

The Press-to-metal technique combines the classical manufacturing technology of cast metal framework and the functionality and aesthetics of traditional Ceramics-Layering without their attached disadvantages of shrinkage.

This presentation, based on clinical examples, will demonstrate the range of application of the different ceramic-systems and explain their potential incombination with implant based comprehensive functional restorations.

Bernhard Fondell

Birger Fondell has been working as a dental technician in Sweden since 1966 and running his own small-size dental laboratory since 1972. During the years he has become a very experienced and skilled all-round technician. Birger has been working with implants for 35 years. The University of Gothenburg/Department of Periodontology/ Professor Jan Lindhe and his team as well as Professor Per-Ingvar Branemark/the Branemark Institute used him as a special technician when developing real teeth stabilised with the implant bridge, as well as the first single implant (later known as CeraOne). Since Birger met the Dr John Besford/Ruth Bourke team from the UK in 1998, he has experienced the advantages of removable dentures.

Removable dentures attached to implants
Why removable dentures attached to implants instead of fixed bridge constructions? In Sweden we have a very long experience of making upper jaw fixed implant bridge constructions. For the patient the most important thing is the aesthetics, while the problems on fixed bridges for the dental team mostly are related to cleaning, speech and/or food getting stuck. These problems can be avoided by choosing a removable denture attached to the implants. This presentation will show how different cases have been solved as for choice of technique and materials.

Björn Roland

Björn Roland trained from 1996-2000 at Zahntechnik Kessler GmbH; 2000-2001 community service; 2001-2004 Dental Technican at Dental Plus GmbH in Wiesbaden and since the beginning of 2003 as vice laboratory leader. He completed his Master Exam in Frankfurt in September 2004 and since November 2004 worked as Master Dental Technican at Dental Design Klaus Schnellbächer in Klein Winternheim with special subject Implant Prosthetics and Ceramics. From January to March 2005 he worked as visitor at the Osaka Ceramic Training Center (OCTC) in Osaka/Japan and from the beginning of 2006 as Director of Virtual Implant Planning Gbr (a company for Interactive 3D Implant Planning and Drilling Guides). Bjorn is the author of several national and international publications on the topic implant prosthetics and ceramics. He has also lectured internationally on this subject. He is a Member of the Dental Exellence Group, Simplant Academy.

Predictable results in implant prosthetics
Starting from backward planning with wax up and prosthetic oriented CT-Planning to
obtain good results in implant positions. Ways of soft tissue treatment and the influence of a natural emergence profile for the gingiva around implant-crowns. Concepts for predictable results in complex cases with a big loss of the hard and soft tissue-what can we do to get an absolute passive fit for the implant suprastructures and how can we reach prefect esthetic results and a good compliance of the patient. Pro and contra indication of fixed restorations for cases with a high loss of hard and soft tissue or when it is best for the whole team to plan a removable restoration.