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Steve Campbell
Stephen E B Jones


Specialist in Restorative Dentistry


Steve Campbell RDT

The Role of CAD/CAM in Contemporary Fixed and Removable Beam and Bar Prostheses

Reliable single crowns and two to four unit bridgework have been made using implant-supported substructures or copings made by CAD/CAM for more than ten years, with high success rates.

However when all teeth in an arch are missing the diagnostic and aesthetic issues become much more complicated and the prosthodontic options increase. Larger fixed and removable prostheses are now possible with substructures made from various metals, zirconia and resin/fibre materials, all of which can all be milled using CAD/CAM. These substructures need to be compatible with porcelain, acrylic or resin veneering materials and need to have a good appearance and a good life expectancy. Several designs for the fixed full arch maxillary prosthesis - the most complicated dental implant restoration - will be discussed as well as the need for its easy removal when required. Not all CAD/CAM is the same. Evidence supporting various techniques and combinations of materials will be presented. A patient’s expectations may rise with the cost of the prosthesis and the amount of chair time required. Patient satisfaction is at the core of GDC guidance protocols and this presentation will consider the various issues that affect prosthetic success.

Oral hygiene issues will also be discussed, as will parafunctional patients and ‘Teeth in a Day’ full arch protocols. This presentation will also briefly look at the traditional concepts behind the traditional implant-supported overdenture, and will give some evidence-based recommendations regarding modern retentive elements.


Stephen Jones qualified at UCL in 1983 and trained as a Prosthodontist. He has placed and restored over 2500 dental implants since 1990 using five main brand implant systems. He works in full-time referral practice in Newbury and is the ADI West Central regional representative. He has mentored many dentists and was an MGDS examiner between 1996-2002. He authored the ADI on-line ARK module on ‘Fixed Prosthetics’ and has participated in educational programmes with several implant companies, GKT Dental School, the Eastman Implant Diploma, the Oxford and Wessex Deaneries, the FGDP (UK), the University of Manchester Restorative MSc and has been an advisor for Dental Protection Ltd.

Steve Campbell is a registered dental technician and the Managing Director of Ambridge Ceramics Ltd, working as part of a skilled team providing solutions for all aspects of restorative dentistry, especially implants due to the early CAD/CAM and beta testing work for implant and milling companies that have products which are in the pre release phase for the UK and Europe.

He has lectured throughout the UK, Switzerland and Sweden focusing on the benefits of CAD/CAM, including a talk at The Dentistry Show and ADI Members’ National Forum in 2011.

Steve also writes articles for online publications both in the UK and USA and has had a few articles published in Implant Dentistry Today, the EDI Journal and other printed publications.

As well as the primary role of Managing Director for the lab Steve is also the Media Director for The Dental Laboratories Association (DLA), Council Member for The British Institute of Dental and Surgical Technologists (BIDST) and the National technical representative for the ADI until 2015.