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Glitches, Bugs and Breakthroughs. How To Make Digital Dentistry Work For You
Phil Reddington
Preston Study Club
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Digital Workflow for Implant Cases - Does It Offer Genuine Advantages?
Steven Campbell
Newcastle Study Club
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Dental Implants - They’re All The Same, Aren’t They? The Role Of The Implant Surface In Clinical Practice
Colin Burns
Bristol Study Club
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A Hygiene-Led Team Approach to Caring for Implant and Perio Patients in General Practice: The Win-Win Scenario
Aly Virani
East Grinstead Study Club
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Utilising Digital Smile Design to Improve Case Acceptance, Implant Planning and Surgical Placement to Deliver the Ideal Prosthetic Outcome
Jameel Gardee
London Study Club
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Why We May Not Need To Worry About Peri-implantitis Quite As Much As We Are Being Led To Believe
Kevin Lochhead
Bournemouth Study Club
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Facially Generated Treatment Planning & Co-Discovery, a Team Approach to Comprehensive Assessment and Multi-Disciplinary Case Acceptance
Andy Denny
Newport Study Club
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Cohesive Case Planning With The Extended Dental Team. From Phone Call to Tooth Delivery… The “Ideal” Patient Journey
Gulshan Murgai
Winchester Study Club
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Setting Up and Marketing an Implant Clinic
Nadim Majid
Wakefield Study Club
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Soft Tissue Management of Implants
Boota Singh Ubhi
London Study Club
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