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Nicola West

Nicola West
Guest Panelist

Professor West is an Honorary Consultant in Periodontology at the Bristol Dental Hospital and School. She is a graduate of the Cardiff University School of Medicine.  After attaining her FDS from the Royal College of Surgeons of England, Nicola gained her PhD from the University of Wales (Cardiff) in 1995, on dentine hypersensitivity and tooth surface loss. Currently Professor West leads the Clinical Trials Unit at the Bristol Dental Hospital and School attracting substantial industrial funding over many years, furthering research in the field and publishing widely in peer reviewed journals.

Current research interests involve periodontology, bone augmentation and implantology, evaluating oral health care products, tooth wear, dentine hypersensitivity, whitening and stain removal. Professor West lectures regularly in the international forum, is a committee member of the British Society of Periodontology as well as the postgraduate tutor for the British Society of Periodontology in the South West Region and committee member of the BSI British Standards, UK National Standards Body (NSB).