Shaam Shamsi

 Shaam Shamsi

Shaam Shamsi qualified from the Royal London in 1994 and is the Principal/Clinical Director of Horizons Dental Centre and Genesis Dental Centre. As a former lecturer in the restorative department at Manchester Dental School teaching final year students, he continues to instil the ethos of learning and education in his practices.

Shaam has also been involved with Dental Foundation Training since 2001, as a Trainer and Adviser. He sits on the LDC panel in Staffordshire and currently examines for ORE, LDS and the MFDS in Edinburgh. He mentors GDPs with FTP allegations brought against them. In 2006, he acquired a PG Diploma in Medical Ethics and Law and has worked for GDC’s DCS.

He enjoys lecturing and has been invited by many overseas institutions to present on the MJDF and the ORE. He also sits as a panelist for the GDC’s Fitness to Practice procedures adjudicating matters on clinical and professional misconduct.

Shaam was recently appointed as Specialist Advisor to the CQC and plays a pivotal role in practice inspections ensuring Quality Assurance standards are maintained.

Outside dentistry he enjoys sport, travelling, attending the gym and spending time with his wife and 3 children…..time permitting!

Qualifications: BDS LDS RCS (Eng) MFGDP (UK) PGCTLCP FGDP Cert Appr in Dental Practice Pg Dip Med Eths & Law Pg Cert BAIRD