Predictable Directly Loaded Implants

Jonathan Bill

 Jonathan Bill

This lecture will give you a deeper understanding of how to create directly loaded implants by allowing them to replicate the movement of that patient’s TMJ and existing dentition. This will be done by introducing you to a new form of occlusion that challenges all of today’s established occlusal concepts. Jonathan is one of the principle developers of this technique.

I will discuss the history of this unique concept and also the history of the present day articulation systems that we commonly use. From this you will see our revolutionary new articulatory system and the technical research performed at Loughborough University (UK), one of the world’s leading bio-mechanic universities, which supports and underpins our techniques.

The implant industry is facing many challenges in the potential failure or perceived difficulties of too many cases. The main culprit is the introduction of lateral forces upon the implants and this is largely done by our present occlusal theories and articulators. This lecture will provide clear guidance to help understand why these difficulties exist and how to introduce clearer treatment planning for the individual patients. This lecture will highlight these areas for more consideration.

Learning Objectives:

  • To review the evidence base for current models of occlusion
  • To introduce a new model of occlusion based on the current research
  • To demonstrate the use of this model in the construction of predictably directly loaded implants