The Challenges Faced by the Hygienist/Therapist in Managing Implant Restorations

Emma McCormack

 Emma McCormack

The aim of this lecture is to enable dental technicians and other members of the dental implant team to understand the role of the dental hygienist/therapist in managing and maintaining implant restorations.

The key to successful support and management of the implant patient is through the development of maintenance protocols which are tailored to each patient. I will be presenting a series of case presentations of different implant restorations demonstrating how I assess, treat and advise each patient to take care of their implants and how this can help maintain healthy peri-implant tissues.

For dental technicians it is important to communicate with other members of the dental implant team, including the dental hygienist/therapist, when designing implant restorations in order to have an awareness of how the patient will be able to manage and maintain their implants effectively to prevent the risk of implant failure.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the dental hygienist/therapist role in managing and maintaining implant restorations
  • To have an awareness of how a maintenance protocol is implemented for implant patients
  • To understand the importance of designing implant restorations that are manageable for patients