The Business of Running a Modern Implant Dental Laboratory

Ashley Byrne

 Ashley Byrne

The way that dental laboratories produce implant restorations has undergone more changes in the last 5 years than it has in their entire lifetime. With ever changing methods, materials and the difficulty in finding good technicians, running and working in a laboratory can be extremely challenging from both the technical and business perspectives. 

This lecture looks at ways to use technology to improve standards, reduce costs, train new team members and improve the communication between our clinicians and patients.  As implant acceptance by patients continues to grow, the lecture looks at how we can improve the patients’ experience through digital impressions and work flows, in parallel with future proofing our laboratories. CAD-CAM and digital work flow has changed how Byrnes Dental Laboratory runs, ensuring our team members can stay healthy and happy through reduced work hours, improved patient satisfaction rates and an increase in the success of the company. The lecture will cover those changes and show how CAD-CAM isn't the future, it is the present.

Learning Objectives:

  • To learn how technology can improve the way we manufacture implant restorations
  • To learn how using CAD-CAM will improve standards and training methods for technicians
  • To learn how digital impressions and workflow improve implant work for the technician, clinician and patient
  • To learn how CAD-CAM is changing dental technology into a highly professional, high-tech industry
  • To learn how using CAD-CAM allows the business aspect of our industry to become easier and more adaptive to change