Interactive Session: CBCT and Digital Implant Dentistry - How to Integrate the Whole Dental Team

Andrew Legg

 Andrew Legg

As the evolution of digital implant dentistry gathers pace it is important the whole dental team is integrated in the treatment planning and workflow. Andrew will take you through how the workflow has developed and how all members of the team can be involved. 

More specifically he will discuss the role of CBCT and radiographs in the planning of patients as well as looking briefly at how these can be integrated with digital impressions to produce guided surgical stents.

This will be a fully interactive session to get the whole team more involved in the care of the implant patient.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the basics of CBCT in implant dentistry
  • To understand the role of the dental team in the use of CBCT and its uses in the digital workflow.
  • To be aware of the integration of CBCT with digital impressions and how the team can all be involved in the process