Interactive Session: Innovations in Dental Implant Maintenance – A Glimpse into the Future

Industry Representatives

The purpose of this session is to allow the Industry to showcase the latest in research and development in the world of dental implantology and how it will benefit the hygienist and therapist in their quest for successful treatment outcomes for their patients.

Each company will have time to demonstrate their technologies and innovations to the hygienists and therapists and give them the knowledge to enhance and update their practice. This is a great opportunity to review the dental implant industries’ current thoughts in the prevention and management of peri-implant diseases and to gain an insight into what they have planned for the future. The Industry is well aware of how the hygienist and therapist are placed at the forefront of this challenge in implant dentistry.

This session will enable the Hygienist and Therapist to confidently select, utilise and justify the benefit of these new innovations. In conjunction with the Maintenance Protocols, this will ultimately enhance their ability to provide outstanding care and treatment for implant patients. 

Learning Objectives:

  • To be aware of the latest innovations in treating patients with implants
  • To understand the research behind the latest innovations
  • To understand how to appropriately use the latest innovations when managing peri-implant disease