Implementing Protocols for our Implant Patients

Julia Wilson

 Julia Wilson

In this new and exciting world of dental implantology the dental hygienist/therapist will play a greater and more influential role in the care and maintenance of our implant patients.

With this particular field of dentistry gaining momentum in global innovations, the hygienist/therapist will need to meet the demands of a new phenomenon “the dental implant maintenance patient” - what was previously considered an irregular and unusual type of patient is now a more regular and commonplace patient presenting in our dental clinics. Our patients have embraced a whole new world of dentistry - it is now our role as a caring professional to ensure they have the optimum maintenance care.

This lecture will provide an insight into the world of implant dentistry and an introduction to new developments, in addition to a new protocol bible devised by the ADI team to aid in the care of the most simple cases to the more complex patient who previously would have been resigned to "the last chance saloon of dentistry”.

As a dental hygienist working in a specialist practice, who appreciates the everyday challenges of the implant patient together with the expertise of the ADI team - we aim to provide you with a lecture that encompasses all aspects of the dental implant world and introduce you to an ADI protocol programme that will give you the confidence to  assess, treat and monitor these exciting and very special patients.

Learning Objectives:

  • To be aware of an ADI protocol programme to aid in the assessment, treatment, monitoring and maintenance of the dental implant patient
  • To be aware of the latest developments within the world of dental implantology, and their impact on the role of the hygienist/therapist